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Hey guys! Long time no talking! xD I wanted to let you guys know what’s been taking over my whole life recently and the whole reason for my lack of cosplay.

*Drum roll*

I’m now a 3D artist! This has been my goal for a long while, and now I finally have the resources to create characters, creatures, robots, weapons, and whatever else has been stuffed into my imagination since I was little, all in 3D for video games or animation purposes. I’ve been learning so many programs and production pipelines over the last two years or so to hone my skills in 3D game asset creation and digital sculpting. I’ve already worked on a few small game productions and am now aspiring to work for a certain game company up in Canada once my portfolio is a little more polished. Maybe I'll be the one creating the characters that inspire you guys to cosplay someday. :meow:

That’s the short version of what’s been going on. I didn’t want to take up too much of your guy’s time, but if you’re interested in seeing what I've been working on, I’ll put some links here for you. Also, as far as my cosplay goes, I’m not out of the game just yet. (This account will remain active for anything cosplay related I do in the future) And if I have enough time later this year to make something happen, I’ve got a pretty cool idea for PAX Prime~

Many thanks to those who have stuck with me these past few years! I hope I can continue to inspire you guys with whatever I'm working on. I know I’ve always been a little sparse and unpredictable when it comes to social media, which is always why I’m so surprised when you guys continue to be there for me. I super appreciate you guys! :heart:

My new (3D dedicated) DeviantArt:


Pisces by Razix3D



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Coffee-drinking. Milk-spilling. Star Wars and Star Trek-watching. Time-keeping. Flight abhorring. Rain preferring. Sunlight avoiding. Online forum-posting. Ghost-seeking. Reading and writing. Getting sick of sewing. Mushroom-admiring, but not eating. Devious planning. Effectively confusing. Dog-barking. Poetry cherishing. Frequently riddling. Intensely gaming. Spicy seasoning. People-observing. Cosplay-making. Music-adoring. Gratuitous judging. White chocolate-nibbling. Currently sneezing. Lamp-shade adjusting. Failed attempts at room-cleaning. Constantly imagining. Drawing and Painting. German speaking. Concept reversing. Always listening. Computer-geeking. More coffee-drinking. Messed up sleep-scheduling. Large-wording. Unfortunately, procrastinating. Cookie dough-munching. Piano playing. Stargazing. Creative beholding. Symphony memorizing. Cardboard box-obliterating. Would rather be dreaming. Tree-climbing. Look, I'm rhyming! Ego-decimating. Still coffee-hoarding. Straight cream-sipping. Oregon-loving. Economy-hating. Cell-phone-neglecting. Tomato-despising. Tree-identifying. Wine-loathing. Converse-wearing. Still smiling.

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